About this online dictionary...


Dear lovers of the indonesian or dutch language,

In 1999 I started to learn Indonesian with the help of a lot of books. When I started to chat on mIRC on Indonesian channels books were not easy to keep track of the conversations, so I looked for an online dictionary. At that time Indonesian was not yet available on Google Translate. I fell on a dictionary by "Murmur", a Dutch guy. It was a very nice, fast and helpfull dictionary, written in php, where -that time- users could even update the content.

In 2007 this online dictionary was taken offline. So I mailed the owner and asked him kindly if he could send me his database so I could create a new version of this handy dictionary. He immediately agreed. And so the new version was born, written in Coldfusion, with a small MSAccess Database and a very basic layout (http://tangkai.be/kamusold). It was hosted on http://levensgenieter.be/kamus. This link can still be used.

A while later I bought www.kamus.be and this was also linked to the dictionary.
In 2011 I accidentally lost my domainname www.kamus.be and in january 2012 I moved my domain levensgenieter.be to another server.

Since february 2012 this dictionary is back available for you on the domain of my own company Tangkai web&design.
With the move I also adapted the layout to the recent CSS3/HTML5-technologys. The site is on his best in Google Chrome.

You can choose between a compact layout and a screen-filling layout.
The interface is available in English, Dutch and Indonesian.

I hope this dictionary will bring you closer to Indonesia, the Netherlands or to Belgium.
As for me, it will stay here as long as I live, and it will stay free for use ofcourse.

Enjoy !