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From design to realisation

A mural can make a huge difference to your living environment, privatly but also to your clientele. A wall painting in your living room, bedroom, bathroom or on your terrace adds a lot of cosiness to your home. A wall painting in the children's room raises the whole room and makes the imaginative life for every child even more attractive.

A painting on your garden wall greatly enhances your bald wall and makes nature even more alive. A trompe l'oeil can then create the illusion of extra space or depth.

Do you have a facade where you can create space for your company logo or a wall in your practice that can take some more attention?

Or do you have a shop where you want to put that particular theme in the audience?

Do you have a catering business and you have an image in mind but you are in doubt about color, style, etc ...?

In addition paintings are made on canvas or panel according to the wishes, style, color (s) and ideas of the customer.

wall paintings