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A personal developed style of painting technique by using only a unique natural recipe based on 'Coffee'

The works varies from portrait art with a story to more abstract works where pieces of energy interrupts connect or connect with each other.

Some works get a color accent to emphasize a particular theme. A red guide through the works is therefore repeatedly used to recount origin and destination. For a selected series, the city poet from Deinze, Luc C. Martens collaborated with a fitting poem. A book will be published in spring 2018.

The paintings are varnished with a 2-component resin layer that provides protection against discoloration and temperature difference. The works are usually painted on rough wood and provided With a handmade matching metal frame. But it also works on canvas.

Art where wood is given a new structure and imagination, with the warmth and curtain colors that can be strange for those who love a natural environment . Portraits or other images can be provided on demand.

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coffee portraits