Action painting

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An action painting is possible on request for your event, company party to theme of your choice in consultation. This may be an image, portrait or logo that can be performed shortly in a short period of time.

2 options are a available: With paint or with glue sand and glitters.

It is a form of abstract art in which the painter is confronted with a mostly big canvas as the main reality that he wants to beat. The artist tries to transfer the action, the gestures of making. The artwork is a reminder of the action, the action (for example, the rhythmic drip of paint "over all" on a large canvas). Action painting is therefore spontaneous painting, in which the movements of the painter are clearly recognizable. Not what is shown is important but it is in the work of the artist through the spontaneous act of making.

Jackson Pollock, the most important painter of this technique, uses the dripping technique, spraying paint onto a huge cloth, dripping, spraying and brushing, resulting in an extremely complex network of colorful lines. In this "over all paintings" work loses the traditional reference frameworks of height, breadth and depth and any reference to perspective.

action painting